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Solving problems at their intersections

Our approach

None of the problems facing our society today is one discipline away from an answer. At UC Davis, we bring experts together to respond to our most complex challenges like climate change, advancing health and feeding a growing world. We are driven by curiosity to find the intersections that lead to innovative breakthroughs.

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Preventing the next pandemic

Using the PREDICT program UC Davis researchers are teaming up with scientists in the field to stop the next global health threat before it starts.

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Can seaweed cut methane emissions on dairy farms?

Expert sees dramatic methane emissions reduction when cows consume seaweed supplement.

A dairy cow

Can we grow corn without fertilizer?

The remarkable discovery of nitrogen-fixing corn could take us one step closer toward less reliance on synthetic fertilizers.

Three ears of corn

Researchers Have Forged a Path From UC Davis to Space

NASA has invested millions of dollars in UC Davis research, working with UC Davis biologists, engineers, physiologists, psychologists and other researchers to study life in space.

An astronaut in a space suit