A man carries a box of human remains

Sophia’s Story:

Reclaiming an Orphan From an ‘Indian School’

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two firefighters stand looking at a wildfire flame
VIDEO ADDED: ‘UC Davis LIVE’ on Fighting California Wildfires
CERN hadron collider
UC Davis Leads $3.7M Multicampus Grant to Stem Shortage of Instrumental Physicists
The words "The Backdrop" written in a repeating pattern.
‘The Backdrop’ Podcast Features UC Davis Economist on Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Inflation
A close up of a fish eye - Unfold, a podcast by UC Davis, subscribe today!
‘Unfold’ Podcast, Episode 4: Female Big-Game Hunter Discovery Challenges Ancient Gender Roles
Woman reading a book to small child
Brain Activation in Sleeping Toddlers Shows Memory for Words
Photo of NBA star Dwyane Wade
UC Davis Announces New Viticulture and Enology Executive Leadership Board Members
Photo of Christine Kreuder Johnson
Epidemiologist Elected to National Academy of Medicine
Four researchers measure soil moisture content in an agricultural crop at UC Davis Agricultural Research Farm
UC Davis to Lead Groundwater and Irrigated Agriculture Sustainability Study
A line of testing stations
Genome Center Passes 1 Million COVID-19 Tests, Helping Keep Positivity Rates Low
Students take selfies with Chancellor Gary S. May.
Checking In With Chancellor May: We’re Back