Photo portrait of UC Davis tour guide Zoe Brumbaugh

Tell us a little about you.

I grew up in Northern California in a family who loved the outdoors and nature, so I spent a lot of my childhood exploring.

Why did you choose UC Davis?

I chose UC Davis for so many reasons, but primarily because of its reputation for being a tight-knit and welcoming community. I heard from so many people that everyone around Davis, whether it be students, staff, or faculty, were just nice to others.

What do you enjoy doing for fun here?

I absolutely love spending time in the Arboretum. I’ll go with my bike, a picnic blanket, and a book and spend time watching the ducks and turtles in the waterway.

My friends and I also love going downtown for the farmers market. It’s so great to spend time in the sun surrounded by so many other Davis residents! If you go, I would definitely recommend the apple juice!

What activities have you been involved in here?

  • Scuba Club: member and social media coordinator/secretary 
  • Marine Science Club: member 
  • Tour Guide
  • Undergraduate Research Intern in an Ecology Lab
  • Research class at Bodega Marine Lab

What do you like about academics and student life here?

I love how supportive students are of one another! In classes, and all-around campus, you always find people helping each other out.

Where have you found community and support on campus?

Some of my best friends I met on my dorm floor during my first year living on campus. Student housing is a great place to meet people! I’ve also met great people by reaching out to those in classes and clubs!

How has UC Davis helped you grow?

My experiences at UC Davis have really opened my eyes to the many options I have after graduating that I never even considered before. I’ve met so many role models and mentors here that have demystified graduate school and have really made it feel like an attainable next step for me.

How do you feel UC Davis is preparing you for success?

At UC Davis, I’ve gotten the chance to have hands-on research experiences through internships and classes that have taught me so many new skills that will be very helpful in future pursuits. I feel much more confident in lab settings than I did before.

What do you hope/plan to do after you graduate?

My current plan is to pursue graduate school in the field of marine science.

What has surprised you about UC Davis?

What’s surprised me the most is that even though Davis is a large student body on a large campus, it still feels incredibly tight knit. I rarely walk between classes or around campus without seeing at least one person that I know and stopping to talk to them. It makes the whole campus environment feel very inviting.

What would you tell prospective students about UC Davis?

I believe that UC Davis is the "sweet spot" for a school. It has all the resources of a large school but still has the close feeling environment of a school that’s much smaller. We’re located in an ideal location in Northern California, with access to cities, mountains or the ocean. UC Davis is filled with smart, kind and inviting students who have made my college experience so special. I have loved my time so far here and feel like I’ve found my home away from home. I hope others can find the same thing here!