Art is everywhere at UC Davis

How do you experience arts and culture: Seeing a comedian? Competing on a trivia team? Visiting a museum? Listening to student a cappella or classical music? Whatever your tastes, you can find it here.

Sometimes, art can even bring you good luck! 


Three Art Museums


We interact with our outdoor public art. It’s rare that you can’t see somebody posing in front of one of the Eggheads.

Students use art to get into their study zone: Check out how many are reclining with their laptops near Stone Poem at the Silo or Time Line near Spafford Lake.

And then there is the fun part of our art: The Egghead series becomes a treasure hunt to find all seven.

Besides our art museums, you can also view works by alumni, faculty and others at Shields Library, the Buehler Alumni Center and in other campus buildings.