Special situations for freshman applicants

If you're applying to UC Davis as a freshman and you have a special situation, follow the guidelines below to establish your academic record and make yourself stand out in the admission process.

Homeschooling and Unapproved High Schools

If you are a homeschooled student or attended a California high school without a UC-approved course list, the University of California offers a few options for freshman admission or you may wish to consider applying for transfer admission.

Graduating Early from High School

When filling out the online UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships, list your courses for the last three years of high school in the 10th-, 11th-, and 12th-grade columns. Leave the 9th grade column blank and indicate that you are an “early graduate.


student and parents walking to residence halls

Repeating a Year

If you repeated a year of education in high school, report all subjects from both years in one column. For example, if you repeated the 10th grade you should enter both 10th grade years in the 10th grade column. Please differentiate the first year from the second by writing the name of the school next to the subject taken or labeling it as "1st year" or "2nd year." Also indicate that you repeated a year as an additional comment in the Educational History section, with further explanation in the Personal Insight additional comment space.