We are all Aggies

Respecting differences, striving for equity

The way we see it, the world is just too big to be bound by narrow perspectives. In an intellectually vibrant place like UC Davis, creativity connects ideas from the obvious to the outlandish. The most comprehensive solutions come from the most diverse minds. 

Building a culture of inclusion and opportunity takes real effort. The leaders and volunteers of our many student organizations work year-round to help undergraduates find their footing, their voice and each other. 

three students hanging out on the quad playing a game

Below, you’ll read about people who overcame obstacles and led the way for others. Maybe you read that and think to yourself, “I couldn’t do that.” But nobody reaches such levels of achievement alone. Aggies are competitive, but we also want each other to succeed. Whether you’re someone who at some point receives help, offers help, or both, you’ve got a great big role to play here at UC Davis.

Meet some of our students

Diversity is a strength and it is a way to support each other. Every student has a story to tell. Listening and recognizing what makes us unique is one of the things that brings us together.