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Information for counselors of prospective students

UC Davis understands how important counselors are in helping students prepare for and choose the college that best suits their needs. We hope you find this section helpful to your specific needs as a high school or community college counselor.

Academic News

  • Fall 2020 transfer applicants to the College of Engineering should reference the UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions Majors Guide to identify UC Davis courses required for each major. Students must complete lower-division coursework for majors shown on ASSIST articulation agreements, with exceptions outlined under Preparation for Specific Majors.
  • Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science now requires Engineering Computer Science (ENG CS) 50 and 60 as selective major requirements. A 3.40 GPA is now required for the course group Engineering Computer Science (ENG CS) 20, 30, 50 and 60.
  • Suspended majors include Fiber and Polymer Science and Textiles and Clothing in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

UC Application

Students interested in applying for fall 2020 can submit their applications between November 1-30. Be sure to check out our application tips!

Applicants and their counselors are encouraged to review information about their next steps as they await admission decisions in spring.

Need a visit?

Counselors may request a visit to their school or campus to provide students with information about UC Davis from a dedicated recruitment officer.

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