Photo portrait of UC Davis tour guide Riley Mann

Why did you choose UC Davis?

I ironically chose UC Davis because of my tours. I came during spring quarter finals, and I got to see what campus life was like at its busiest. I fell in love with the campus as well as the students, and I knew that this was where I wanted to be.

What do you enjoy doing for fun here?

I love to go bowling in the Games Area, grab food downtown with friends, or just meet up at my apartment to play video games or watch a movie.

What do you like about academics and student life here?

I love that students here have a community mindset, where we build each other up. Every class I've had, I've met other students who were interested in starting study groups and helping with homework; it's a great way to learn and make friends!

How has UC Davis helped you grow?

UC Davis has helped me learn to reach out for resources and support when I need it. There are so many resources available for students that it sometimes feels overwhelming, but it is nice that all I have to do is reach out to receive the help I need, whether it's academic or personal.

What has surprised you about UC Davis?

What was most surprising to me was how UC Davis is able to be both a large school (campus and student body) while also feeling cozy and small. Biking to classes, eating in downtown, or just hanging out on campus, I am always running into my friends and professors. Knowing that I am always surrounded by support keeps me motivated and is a great feeling to have in a large school.