UC Davis advising services can help you with career preparation, academic planning and successfully navigating through your four years as an undergraduate student.

New student advising

Before you enroll for your first classes, summer orientation advisors help you establish a strong foundation for your academic journey. They will help you create a plan, learn about academic milestones and teach you how to find resources to help you along the way.

Academic college advising

Advisors in your academic college guide you through the requirements of your major and help you overcome any academic hurdles. They also work with you to maximize your experiences that can position you for a successful start to your career.

  • Your major advisor will help you plan out the coursework needed to complete your degree. Contact information for advisors in every major is included on our majors pages.
  • Your college advisor in the dean’s office will provide you with comprehensive advising that can help you with general education and college requirements, academic issues and making sure you’re on track to graduate.
  • Peer advisors have been trained to help you plan your course schedule, understand academic requirements and find the resources that will keep you moving along on your way to your diploma.
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General advising

Advisors in the Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services (OEOES) and Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers take a holistic approach to your college experience, helping you address specific needs like time management, tutoring, personal challenges and career guidance. These and other resources that can provide guidance include:

Graduate school, law and health professional advising

Undergraduates interested in graduate school or a professional program will find a wealth of support services at UC Davis.

Graduate and professional schools around the country recognize a degree from UC Davis as a sign of educational excellence. That’s why more than 80 percent of all UC Davis students applying to graduate school attend their first or second-choice institution.

Graduate programs and law school

It is never too early to begin preparing for graduate study or admission to a professional school. Whether your goal is a degree in business, law, education or a myriad of graduate programs, UC Davis Pre-Graduate/Law Advising has advisors available to meet with you early as your first year on campus to make sure you take the right classes and connect with opportunities to make sure you’re a strong candidate for your chosen field.

Health sciences

Are you interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or other allied health professions? Professional and peer advisors at the Health Professions Advising (HPA) office are ready to help you prepare for admission to health profession schools. HPA can keep you on track for your career goals through guidance, workshops, announcements of internships, and professional school admission counseling.

Online tools

  • MyUCDavis integrates your academic information with tools and resources  in one convenient and secure location.
  • SISWEB (Student Information System) is where you will enroll in classes, view and adjust your class schedule, print your unofficial academic record, change your address, view your financial aid and manage your campus accounts.
  • Canvas provides course management and collaboration tools that allow you to host websites, plan events, share files, organize student groups, host study sessions and work together on projects.