A student doing an acrobatic jump of of the diving board at the UC Davis Recreation Pool

Things to Do

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Between our campus and our college town, you’ll find something new to do every day in Davis. You can choose from dozens of farm-to-fork restaurants and weekly events and attractions. You’ll also find museums, a 100-acre arboretum, an arcade, bowling alley, and so much more.

A group of UC Davis students rafting on the colorado river

Choose your adventure

Davis offers activities for everyone, no matter your interests. Are you an art aficionado? We have many museums. Outdoor explorer? We have nature hikes in Davis and beyond.

Davis events

Weekly Farmers’ Market

Saturdays and Wednesdays

Central Park

Picnic Day

April 23, 2022

UC Davis campus

Whole Earth Festival

May 6-8, 2022

UC Davis Quad

Aggie Day for Transfers

May 13, 2022

UC Davis campus


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