Evaluating your TAG applications

Verification and Recommendation

  1. Verify that TAG applicants were enrolled at your CCC during the past spring term.
  2. Verify, to the best of your ability, that the student's self-reported academic record is complete and accurate.
  3. Select one of three recommendations and provide comments supporting your recommendation:
  • Authorized (recommend approval)
  • Not Authorized (recommend denial)
  • Indeterminate (no recommendation)
  1. Submit TAGs to UC Davis by October 15.

Full Evaluation

While optional, your full evaluation can enhance your recommendation. A full evaluation covers the following fundamentals:

  • Enrollment gaps and part-time status
    • Did the student list all educational institutions attended or enrolled at, including English-language programs?
    • Did the student provide a comment regarding part-time status or non-enrollment in any term?
  • UC eligibility requirements
    • Did the student complete UC eligibility requirements in math (1 course) and English composition (2 courses) by the end of the last fall term?
  • Units
    • Did the student complete 30 semesters/45 quarters of UC-transferable units (including units of AP/IB) by the end of the last summer term?
    • In order to qualify as a CCC student, will students complete 30 semesters/45 quarters of UC-transferable units at a CCC (not including AP/IB) by the end of the last spring term?
    • Will students complete 60 semesters/90 quarters of UC-transferable units (including units of AP/IB) by the end of the upcoming spring term?
  • Courses completed
    • Did the student list all UC-transferable and non-transferable courses and grades as they appear on transcripts, including those completed, academically renewed, repeated or identified as incomplete?
  • Courses in progress and planned
    • Did the student accurately list all fall course enrollments?
    • Did the student project a course plan for their upcoming winter/spring terms?
  • Selective major preparation (MP)
    • For those courses a student completed by the end of the last summer term, did the student complete courses with grades of C or better grades and achieve the required course group GPA needed at the time of TAG application?
    • Will UC Davis selective major requirements be completed by the end of the upcoming spring term?

UC Davis TAG Decisions and the UC Application for Undergraduate Admission

  • UC Davis will perform a thorough evaluation of each student record following receipt of your recommendation.

  • UC Davis will release TAG decisions by November 15. View TAG decisions, generate reports and more through your UC TAP counselor account.

  • After receiving their UC Davis TAG decision, students should submit their UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships during the October 1- November 30 filing period. It is critical that the UC application mirrors information on the student's approved TAG. Students are encouraged to import academic information from their UC TAP.

Tip: Importing academic information to the UC application

Using UC TAP/TAG Tools

A student's self-reported information is the basis for UC Davis' TAG evaluation. During your assessment, if you find that submitted information is inaccurate or missing, the TAG tools can make it easy for you to alert your students before the TAG application is submitted.

  • Claimed By: Claiming helps schools assign and manage TAG workload without limiting access by all authorized TAG Reviewers.
  • Communications and Comments: Send messages that students will receive via email and in the My Messages section of their UC TAP. You can post a private comment for CCC and UC counselors or post a comment that can be seen by the student and counselors.
  • Current Display Mode: Select Evaluatable to reveal a host of tools designed to help you assess course transferability, student GPA, units, major preparation (MP) and more. Read Only displays information provided by the student without access to these tools.
  • GPA and Units: Choose how you want to view a student’s preliminary GPA and unit assessment: 
    • Evaluated-Transferable (you must be in Evaluatable display mode to see this option)
    • Self-reported-Certified
    • Self-reported-All Data
  • MyTAGs menu: Authorized CCC TAG Reviewers can search for individual students or use the My TAGs menu to view all TAGs that are ready for review.
  • Send New Academic Info Update Request: Return a TAG application to your student with a request to update information by a specified deadline. This will prompt students to update inaccurate or incomplete information before your October 15 deadline to submit the TAG to UC Davis. (This feature will appear once a student submits their TAG application.)
  • TAG Status menu: Allows you to choose from among several status options. Identify TAGs that are ready for review with a broad search.