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In this ongoing series, host Soterios Johnson sits down with UC Davis researchers and other experts to discuss a topic that is trending in the news. The discussions are broadcast live simultaneously on the UC Davis YouTube channel as well as the UC Davis Facebook page

UC Davis Live Episodes

Wildfires and Forest Management

With wildfire season well underway in the American West, attention is again turning to the role of forest management in causing or mitigating wildfires. How much of the severity and size of recent fires is due to management practices? How can we change forest management to mitigate the impact of fires? And what happens to a forest in the months and years after fire has passed?

Abortion And The Supreme Court

A leaked draft suggests that the Supreme Court could overturn long-standing protections of abortion rights. What’s the reasoning behind such a decision, and what do legal scholars make of it? How did we get to this point, and what are the implications for other Supreme Court decisions? Join us on Thursday, May 12 at 12 p.m. PDT to discuss these and other questions are two experts from the UC Davis School of Law.

Autism Acceptance and Advances

April is autism acceptance month, formerly autism awareness month. Since 1998 the UC Davis MIND Institute has been working to improve the lives of autistic and neurodivergent people, especially children, and their families and has seen many advances in understanding these conditions. We’re talking with three experts on this episode of UC Davis LIVE.

Gun Violence Research

Six people died in the April 3 shooting in Sacramento, and this past holiday weekend saw at least four mass shootings across the country. Joining us Tuesday, April 19, 2022 to discuss these and other questions are two experts from the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.

How War Impacts Energy & Fertilizer Supplies

Energy prices were already rising before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sent them soaring further. What is going on with the markets for fuel and fertilizer, and how do they intersect? What’s the outlook?

Biodiversity Museums

Joining us on this episode of UC Davis LIVE are the curators of three of our museums to talk about their collections and how they support research, teaching and outreach on campus.

How a UC Davis Professor Addressed Racism in Monopoly

In 1970, a psychology professor created Blacks and Whites, a socially conscious monopoly-style game intended to teach the realities of race in America. Fifty years later, two comedians have produced an updated version of the game. Join us on Thursday, February 24 at 1 p.m. PST as we discuss the game, its new update, and the current reality of race in America.

Romance, Relationships and Attachment Science

Spring is coming and the stores are full of red hearts and candy. What does science have to tell us about how we fall in love, and with who? What makes us swipe left or right, and does that have anything to do with successful relationships?

California's Drought & Climate Change

Despite a rainy end to 2021, California is in the grip of a megadrought. What are the prospects for 2022, and what does it mean for the environment, farmers and communities? And, what is the role of climate change in all this? Join us on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 2 p.m. PST and have your questions answered live by our experts.

Update on the Pandemic and Omicron

It's the beginning of 2022, and it feels like we’ve been here before as a new coronavirus variant, #Omicron, rapidly spreads through the population. We have more knowledge about the virus and new tools such as vaccines and treatments that we didn’t have this time last year – but we also have a new and highly infectious variant.

Supply Chains and Food Supplies

The global system of supply and demand is going through some pains with container ships backed up at ports, unexpected shortages in stores - and rising prices. What is going on with the supply chain, for food and other products? What does it mean for the economy and the upcoming holiday season?

Rescuing Oiled Wildlife

Just over a month ago a ruptured pipeline started pouring oil into the ocean off Huntington Beach in Southern California. Among the agencies responding to the spill was the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, a program of the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Fighting California Wildfires

California’s fire season is starting earlier - with bigger and more intense fires. Join us on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 11 a.m. PDT as we take your live questions and speak with Nathan Trauernicht, Fire Chief for UC Davis.

Where Are We Now in the Pandemic?

Millions of Americans have been vaccinated. Case rates have been falling nationally and in California. Governor Newsom has said California will lift all pandemic restrictions on June 15. So, where are we now? Is the pandemic nearly over, or is it too soon to declare victory?

Reentry Anxiety After Covid-19

As the pandemic restrictions are lifted across the country, people face returning to workplaces and pre-pandemic activities with a mixture of anxiety and elation.

Testing Wastewater for COVID-19

In addition to testing individuals, testing wastewater for #COVID19 is another way to track the pandemic. How does wastewater testing work?

Back to School Safely

Millions of schoolchildren have been out of classrooms for more than a year, but now most communities are working to get at least some children physically back in school before the summer.

Healthy Davis Together

Colleges and universities across the country have worked to suppress SARS-CoV-2 and safely bring students back to campus.

Violence During a Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. Alongside disruption of education and employment, surveys have shown surges in gun sales and increased reports of domestic violence.

Coronavirus Variants

We’ve heard a lot lately about new variants of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, that may be more infectious and spread more easily. What are these variants? Where do they come from?

Combating COVID-19 Misinformation

Even as vaccines for COVID-19 become more widely available, surveys show that some people may refuse them, often based on misinformation spread over social media. How can public health authorities

COVID-19 Vaccines

Last month saw the first shots of COVID-19 vaccines being given to health care workers at UC Davis and elsewhere. What’s in these vaccines?

Holidays During a Pandemic

In a normal year, the holidays are a time to gather with family and friends. But 2020 isn’t a normal year, and elderly people are especially at risk from COVID-19.

Pandemic Spillover from Habitat Destruction

As more people move into wild habitats around the world, for farming, logging, mining or just somewhere to live, they can come in contact with viruses that circulate in wild animals, such as Ebola

The First Six Months of COVID-19

It’s a little over six months since the state of California issued a stay-at-home order and UC Davis treated the first case of community-acquired COVID-19.

COVID-19 and the Future of Travel

In this week’s UC Davis LIVE: COVID-19, an engineer and an environmental economist will talk about the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on mobility and travel.

How does COVID-19 Transmit?

As coronavirus cases increase across the country and we approach the July 4 weekend, what do we know now about how the COVID-19 virus spreads?

Coronavirus Testing

Nam Tran and Larissa May will answer questions on the different types of tests, their accuracy and how they are being used as health officials take steps to reopen the state and the country.

Treating COVID-19

In the second edition of UC Davis LIVE: COVID-19, two UC Davis clinicians will talk about and take questions on the new treatments for COVID-19 being tested at UC Davis Health and other hospitals,

How are Vaccines Developed?

Researchers from the UC Davis Medical Center will discuss how researchers approach creating vaccines, how vaccines get from the lab to hospitals and take live questions.

Where Are We Now in the Pandemic?

Millions of Americans have been vaccinated. Case rates have been falling nationally and in California. Governor Newsom has said California will lift all pandemic restrictions on June 15.

Moon Rocks and a New Moon Formation

UC Davis Professor Sarah Stewart, an expert on planet formation, will discuss the significance of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing on UC Davis Live at 2:30 p.m. PDT Friday (July 12).