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If you want an experience that will change your life, get engaged with another culture or community — either on campus or abroad. It’s an education like no other. And at UC Davis, we’ve got the country, program and experience that will suit your needs:

Concerned about affordability or graduating on time? UC Davis offers opportunities for shorter stays, lower-cost programs, on-campus experiences, grants, scholarships and loans. We also help you integrate classes abroad into your major so you can keep on track for progress toward graduation.

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As our world becomes more interconnected, our job market becomes more global and our knowledge crosses more boundaries. Global learning experiences are more important than ever in preparing our students for life after graduation. Beyond studying, you’ll find working or volunteering locally or abroad through one of UC Davis’ Experiential Learning programs a strategic choice. Many students find they are more competitive for jobs or graduate school when their resumes feature global experiences, real-world projects and cultural competency.

UC Davis is committed to Global Education for All, an ambitious goal to provide 100 percent of students with international or intercultural learning experiences before graduation, preparing you to succeed in this global job market and interconnected world.

If you are an international student, we invite you to check out another community or country as part of your UC Davis experience. Being able to skillfully negotiate in a number of cultures will be invaluable to your future.

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