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Our Faculty

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Our faculty helps students thrive by innovating new ways to learn. With their guidance, you can learn the intricacies of engineering through coffee-making or explore nuanced social issues through mural design.

We value our professors’ dedication to teaching. Each year, UC Davis honors a faculty member for being an exceptional teacher and scholar with a $45,000 prize.

Meet some of our past winners, like biochemistry professor Judy Callis. She and so many others at UC Davis are enriching our undergraduate education.

Beyond the barriers:
Supporting a system-impacted community

A new initiative, led by Assistant Professor of Chicana/o Studies Ofelia Cuevas, aims to break down stigma, offer ways for our system-impacted community to connect for mutual support, and to address the system through research and education.

Tina Curiel-Allen, co-founder of Beyond the Stats, the student organization that led to the creation of Beyond the Barriers

Engineering professor
uplifts voices in engineering

Ralph Aldredge — associate dean for Undergraduate Studies and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering — has been a leader in the college for years. He lifts up student voices and ensures prospective and current students from disadvantaged backgrounds can find a pathway to excel at UC Davis.

ralph aldredge professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering

Award recognizes exceptional
lifetime achievement in agriculture

Pamela Ronald, a distinguished professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, is recognized for her history of major discoveries in plant molecular genetics.

pam ronald recognized for lifetime achievement in agriculture

Plant biochemist is
a top teacher

Students say Judy Callis, an expert in plant biochemistry, is an exemplary, dedicated instructor who creates a respectful, engaging classroom climate.

judy callis and gary may