A group of students and their professor gather around a laptop

The Davis difference

The collaborative spirit
of UC Davis

Aggies agree: UC Davis is a warm, welcoming culture. We know that we have more of a positive impact on the world if we lift each other up.

Aggie Testimonials

Girish '22

“I have never been a competitive person by nature, and I knew Davis had the environment for me to thrive while being surrounded by like-minded individuals who valued their education over competition.”

A portrait of UC Davis student Gehena Girish

Luis '21

“From the moment I entered the city of Davis, I felt this welcoming sensation wash over me. Everyone I met, no matter whether on or off campus, was just so friendly and easy to talk to. The fact that the environment, community, atmosphere and academics were so positive drove me to call UC Davis my home. That decision was one of the best that I have made!”

A portrait of UC Davis student Zach Luis

Lankford '21

“I felt really at home when I visited the campus (take our virtual tour if it’s not possible to visit in person). I felt I could see myself here for the next four years of my life—and potentially beyond.”

A portrait of UC Davis student Grace Lankford

Stephan Torres '22

“From the faculty to the students, all are dipped in a new coat of kindness that makes the campus feel like a space where I can find my community so easily. The love and warmth I feel, even going into my third year, has not changed nor morphed in any way.”

A portrait of UC Davis student Alexander Stephan Torres

Collaborative Resources

There are countless ways to get involved on campus. Whatever your interest, UC Davis has a club, lab, center, or group for you.

Students working with their professor in an ag field