‘Unfold’ Podcast Explores Curiosity-Driven Research in Season 3

Episode 1 Asks ‘Why Is That Song Stuck in My Head?’

Unfold, a UC Davis podcast, is launching its third season. Hosts Amy Quinton and Kat Kerlin will bring you stories of awe, wonder and discovery as they explore curiosity-driven research at UC Davis. They’ll talk to researchers whose curiosity has led them to some pretty amazing discoveries, like why songs get stuck in your head or what comic book superheroes can teach you about real-world materials science. Researchers will reveal what they found by peeling back the layers of a fish’s eyeball and by studying cute, pink, baby-faced axolotls. Listeners will hear lots of surprising and curious stories this season — even a spooky, dark and murderous one, just in time for Halloween.

The season’s first episode, “Why Is That Song Stuck in My Head?” launches today, Sept. 28. The episode examines music, memory and what earworms — those songs that get stuck in your head — can teach us about how the brain works.

In the first episode, listeners will hear from:

  • Petr Janata, professor, UC Davis Department of Psychology, and Center for Mind and Brain
  • Ben Kubit, postdoctoral researcher, UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain 

The award-winning podcast will launch a new episode every Tuesday from now through Nov. 23. Next week’s episode “Was She a Badass?” examines the archaeological discovery of a 9,000-year-old female big-game hunter, which raises new questions about the sexual division of labor in early hunter-gatherer societies.

The Unfold podcast is available free, on demand at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon's Tunein, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. It is produced by Cody Drabble. Original music for Unfold comes from UC Davis alumnus Damien Verrett and Curtis Jerome Haynes. Follow Unfold on Twitter at @Unfoldpodcast.

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