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Season 1: Feeding a Growing Population

Climate change threatens to make sustainably feeding two billion more people by 2050 a seemingly impossible task. We’ll need to grow more food, more efficiently and waste less. In Season 1 of Unfold, hosts Amy Quinton and Alexa Renee talk with UC Davis researchers working to make agriculture more sustainable about potential solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

Unfold will examine new technologies and innovations to help feed more people while sustaining the planet. And for those who can’t stomach this feast of information on such a serious subject, Unfold will have a few more easily digestible and flavorful bites that pair well with wine and beer.

Unfold Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: What's the Beef With Beef?

Cattle have been getting a bad rep as environmentally unfriendly sources of climate-changing greenhouse gases. They belch methane, which is shorter-lived than carbon dioxide but more potent in warming the atmosphere. These facts have advocates urging the public to eat less beef. But animal-sourced food also plays a vital role in global nutrition. In this episode, we look more closely at cattle’s environmental hoofprint and look at how UC Davis scientists are researching ways to make livestock more sustainable.

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