‘Unfold’ Podcast, Episode 4: Female Big-Game Hunter Discovery Challenges Ancient Gender Roles

‘WAS She A Badass?’ Examines Story of Ancient Female Hunter

Nine thousand years ago, a woman was buried in the Andean mountains of Peru next to tools normally associated with big-game hunting. Before you think she was just a badass, UC Davis researchers found that many females in the early Americas were big-game hunters and we shouldn’t be so quick to project our own gender stereotypes and current cultural values on ancient societies.

In this episode of Unfold, we dig a little deeper to learn more about this archaeological discovery.

In this episode:

  • Randy Haas, archaeologist and assistant professor, UC Davis Department of Anthropology 
  • Monique Mulder, distinguished research professor emeritus, UC Davis Department of Anthropology
  • Glendon Parker, adjunct associate professor, UC Davis Department of Environmental Toxicology
  • Kim Senklip Harvey, indigenous theorist and cultural evolutionist with the Tsilhqot’in and Syilx nations

In season 3, Unfold and hosts Amy Quinton and Kat Kerlin bring listeners stories of awe, wonder and discovery as they explore curiosity-driven research at UC Davis.

The award-winning podcast will launch a new episode every Tuesday from now through Nov. 23. Next week, Unfold features a special Halloween episode, “Murder, Suicide and the Macabre.”

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