This event was streamed live on April 19, 2022


Six people died in the April 3 shooting in Sacramento, and this past holiday weekend saw at least four mass shootings across the country. Gun sales surged during the pandemic, while the White House recently announced a crackdown on untraceable “ghost guns.” What are the trends in gun violence, and what are we learning about its causes, consequences and prevention? Joining us on this episode of UC Davis LIVE to discuss these and other questions are two experts from the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program.

- Garen Wintemute is a practicing emergency medicine physician and a pioneer in the field of injury epidemiology and the prevention of firearm violence. His work helped create the public health approach to violence prevention. Dr. Wintemute is director of the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program and also directs UCFC, the University of California Firearm Violence Research Center.

- Amy Barnhorst is the vice chair for community mental health at the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry, associate professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and director of the BulletPoints Project, a state-funded effort to develop a firearm violence prevention curriculum for health care providers. She is a nationally recognized expert on firearms law and mental illness.