This video was streamed live on March 9, 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine represents a return of warfare to Europe on a scale not seen since the 1940s. What has motivated President Putin to take this action, and why now? What is the historical context for the relationship between Russia and Ukraine? What roles do media play in the conflict? Joining us to discuss these issues are three experts from UC Davis:
  • Josephine Andrews is an associate professor of political science. She studies executive power, executive structures and how they affect government and democracy in central and eastern European countries. 
  • Ian Campbell, associate professor of history, studies the relationship between non-Russian subjects and territories and the imperial core of pre-revolutionary Russia.  
  • Jenny Kaminer is an associate professor in the Department of German and Russian. She is an interdisciplinary scholar of contemporary Russian culture. Her most recent book, Haunted Dreams: Fantasies of Adolescence in Post-Soviet Culture, was just published by Cornell University Press.