How Do We Document Stories at the Border?

Episode 4 of The Backdrop Looks at ‘Humanizing Deportation,’ a Digital Storytelling Project

A mural painted on a border wall is among the projects in which Elizabeth De La Cruz participated at UC Davis. The doctoral student talks about her projects and digital storytelling on the Backdrop podcast.

In a typical year, hundreds of thousands of people are deported from the U.S. for entering or staying in the country illegally. A digital storytelling project at UC Davis, called Humanizing Deportation, is documenting their stories.

Now, the project its being documented on The Backdrop, a UC Davis podcast. On this month’s episode, doctoral candidate Lizbeth De La Cruz discusses the project’s goals, how it got started and her experiences working as a researcher collecting and preserving these stories. Since 2016, De La Cruz has participated as a graduate research assistant for Humanizing Deportation.

“We have multiple groups all over Mexico composed of researchers, institutions, higher ed, and grad students like myself,” she said. “We support their documentation of their stories. We record their audios with our phones or with recorders and we go on in the field to do the research with them. We support them in creating not just their audio, but also creating a visual aspect of what their storytelling is.”

De La Cruz
De La Cruz

De La Cruz describes digital storytelling as “a ‘do-it-yourself’ style that allows for the participant or the storyteller to use their voice to communicate a story two to five minutes in length and then add images and small clips to make this short video of their whole life or a specific moment in their life that they want to communicate.”

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Listen to the podcast episode here. Read the blog’s initial coverage of Humanizing Deportation here.

Photo: A mural painted on a border wall is among the projects in which De La Cruz participated at UC Davis. (Courtesy photo)

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