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Programs and Projects Focused On Native American Life, History and Cultures

See yourself as a member of the UC Davis family? We do. Learn about some of the programs and resources of interest to the Native American community.

  • Native American Academic Student Success Center (NAASSC) The Native American community at UC Davis includes students, staff, faculty and alumni from a wide variety of tribal backgrounds, experiences and academic interests. The NAASSC, also referred to as "The Nest," is your UC Davis home where you’ll connect with resources, facilities and programming that enhance your academic success. The center promotes academic resiliency and creates a sense of belonging for Native American students in a culturally appropriate way.

  • The Native American Contemplative Garden honors the the tribal homeland of the Patwin people, which includes the land upon which UC Davis stands, and educates the campus and its visitors about them. It's the first phase of a larger UC Davis remembrance project. The campus Arboretum follows the path of some historic village sites, and Patwin and Wintun people maintain a strong cultural presence in this area and contribute actively to our campus community.
  • The UC Davis Native American Studies major and program offers a formal comparative, interdisciplinary and hemispheric approach to the study of indigenous cultures of the Americas. This approach includes faculty specialized in a variety of disciplines including art, literature, religion, linguistics, history, anthropology, political science, ethnomusicology, performance and dance studies, and women and gender studies.
  • Native American residence hall theme program. Students from all backgrounds who share an interest in learning about Native cultures and indigenous issues through interaction with the Native community are welcome to participate in this community. Students will interact with faculty and staff to engage in an interdisciplinary curriculum that fosters deeper learning, connection and social understanding of the Native community. The program offers a wide range of cultural, social, and educational workshops, classes and programs designed to help students build community and enhance student success.
  • The C.N. Gorman Museum
  • Native American Language Center
  • Indigenous Research Center of the Americas
  • The Strategic Native American Retention Initiative provides strategic leadership to identify opportunities that enhance the persistence, achievement and graduation rates for Native American students.
  • Student-run clubs and programs focused on Native American students provide social networks and academic support.
native american contemplation garden
Native American Contemplative Garden



  • The UC Davis Native American Powwow, coordinated by students, is held annually and is one of the longest running student powwows in California. Created in 1969, this event provides an opportunity for many youth, families and community members to join UC Davis in celebration of Native American cultural traditions and practices.
  • Native American Studies Fall Welcome. Contact the Department of Native American Studies for more information.


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