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a diverse group of students attending a lectureStudents, faculty and staff participate extensively in UC Davis' cultural communities. Student-run clubs and organizations, themed residence hall programs and cultural celebrations provide opportunities for students to learn about both their own culture and other cultures. These opportunities help make the UC Davis campus a vibrant place for all students.

Below are links to pages that highlight some of the campus' culturally focused programs and resources. For a complete list of group and program information please visit the Center for Student Involvement website.

African American and African Student Resources


Asian and Pacific Islander Student Resources

  • APIA Searchlight Directory. This student-produced guide offers a list of campus organizations and resources that may be of interest to students in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities.
  • Asian American Association. The Asian American Association serves to unify Asian students and address issues within the Asian American community through political, social and community events.
  • Filipinos in Liberal Arts and Humanities (FILAH). FILAH provides political, social, academic and personal support to fellow students in the various liberal arts and humanities and social science fields.
  • SEA Pages. A guide to the Southeast Asian undergraduate experience at UC Davis.

Chicano/Latino Student Resources

European Cultural Groups

  • Club Italiano Americano Organizzato. The purpose of our group is to promote the Italian culture through regular discussion sessions, movie nights, cultural field trips, and enhance the appreciation of a Mediterranean country that has brought its roots to the United States.
  • French Club. The UC Davis French Club provides a casual and fun environment in which students of French language and culture can strengthen their language skills and learn more about this rich European culture.
  • Russian Cultural Association. The UC Davis Russian Cultural Association is devoted to enhancing awareness of Russian culture and enriching the campus awareness of this diverse region.
  • Turkish Student Association. Students interested in learning more about this ancient land are invited to participate in group activities, connect with Turkish students and discover Anatolia.

Native American Student Resources

Middle Eastern Student Resources

Didn't find the group you are looking for? Visit the Center for Student Involvement website for a complete listing of all of the groups and clubs represented on the UC Davis campus.