Media Experts on Summer Food Safety

Christine Bruhn of UC Davis shows the safe way to cook chicken. A properly cooked chicken should be checked with a thermometer for the appropriate internal temperature. UC Davis photo by Gregory Urquiaga

As temperatures warm, grills heat up, and outdoor activities increase, safe food preparation requires vigilance. These UC Davis experts can offer food preparation instructions, helpful consumer tips from store to stove, and information on food policy. There is also a video below illustrating the safe preparation of chicken.

Food safety in the home, including food preservation

Erin DiCaprio is an assistant specialist in Cooperative Extension and food virologist in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. She can discuss food safety issues, regulatory and safety issues for small food processors and farmers, and issues related to food safety in the home, such as home food preservation. Her laboratory conducts research on foodborne viruses such as norovirus and hepatitis A virus. Contact: Erin DiCaprio, Food Science and Technology, 530-752-6594,

Food science, safety, consumer attitudes

Christine Bruhn is recognized nationally and internationally for her programs in consumer behavior, food science and food safety. As an emerita Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Food Science and Technology, she has studied consumer attitudes toward food safety and quality and guided educational programs that inform consumers about new products and new technologies. She can talk about her research on consumer attitudes toward food safety and labeling, consumer food handling in the home, and innovations used by the food industry to increase food safety. Contact: Christine Bruhn, 530-219-2999,

Agricultural issues, food safety policies and their effect on the economy

Daniel Sumner is the Frank H. Buck professor of agricultural and resource economics and the director of the UC Agricultural Issues Center. He can discuss the impact of food safety policy on the economy, commodity and food markets, food availability and consumer food prices. He can explain how farmers are likely to adjust the crops they grow as well as how food prices will be affected in California and around the nation. Contact: Daniel Sumner, Agricultural and Resource Economics, 530-752-1668,


Video: The Best Way to Handle Chicken

More video tips from Bruhn on the importance of using thermometers and how to calibrate them.


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