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Nutrition Science

The Nutrition Science minor provides science students with basic understanding of biochemical reactions involved in human metabolism, human organ systems and an overview of nutrient functions, nutrient requirements and metabolic regulation of nutritional pathways. This minor would be of interest to students studying the cellular or biological sciences, human development or students across disciplines who plan to enter a health profession or the public health field.


20 units

Complete the following five courses (16-20 units)

  • ABI 102 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolism (5 units)
    • or BIS 102 Structure and Function of Biomolecules (3 units)
  • ABI 103 Animal Biochemistry and Metabolism (5 units)
    • or BIS 103 Bioenergetics and Metabolism (3 units)
  • NUT 111AY Introduction to Nutrition and Metabolism (3 units)
  • NUT 111B Recommendations and Standards for Human Nutrition (2 units)
  • NPB 101 Systemic Physiology (5 units)

Replacement courses

Note:If the student’s major program requires the same course in biochemistry and physiology, only one of the courses may duplicate credit toward the minor. Each program below lists replacement courses to fulfill the minimum unit requirement.

  • NUT 114 Developmental Nutrition (4 units)
  • NUT 115 Animal Nutrition (4 units)
  • NUT 116A Clinical Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 116B Clinical Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 117 Experimental Nutrition (6 units)
  • NUT 120AN Nutritional Anthropology (4 units)
    • or NUT 120BN Nutritional Geography (4 units)
  • NUT 122 Ruminant Nutrition and Digestive Physiology (4 units)
  • NUT 123 Comparative Animal Nutrition (3 units)
  • NUT 124 Nutrition and Feeding of Finfishes (3 units)
  • NUT 201 Vitamin and Cofactor Metabolism (Discontinued) (3 units)
  • NUT 204 Mineral Metabolism (Discontinued) (2 units)

Total = 20 units

Minor Advisors

Martha Amesquita
(530) 752-2512

Stephanie Myers
(530) 752-7094