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Nutrition Science

For much of human history, people's primary concern with food was making sure they were able to get enough to eat. For much of the modern world, our food concerns are very different: obesity, food safety, vitamin and mineral intake and making quality diets part of our busy lives. Nutrition majors examine these issues, as well as concerns about food availability and safety in less industrialized parts of the world. Clinical nutrition majors specialize in designing diets to meet the needs of patients with specific medical conditions. UC Davis' nutrition department, one of the most highly ranked in the country, provides undergraduates with access to well-known faculty, challenging coursework and exciting research and internship opportunities.

Real World Outcomes: 

Nutrition science and clinical nutrition majors from UC Davis have entered careers in public service and governmental agencies; hospitals and other health care settings; the animal, food and pharmaceutical industries; and education at every level. Both majors are also excellent preparation for professional or graduate training in medicine, public health or other health sciences.


You will begin with a series of foundation courses in natural science (focusing on biology and chemistry), social sciences and mathematics, as well as essential nutrition concepts. At the upper division level, you will choose a specialized major: nutritional biology or nutrition in public health. You will study more advanced topics in biology as well as courses relevant to your major. If you choose to major in clinical nutrition, you will be qualified to apply for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accredited internship, enabling you to earn the Registered Dietitian credential necessary for work in a clinical setting. If you choose the nutrition in public health option, you will take additional course work in social and health-related sciences and gain experience in presenting nutritional concepts in a public service setting.

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