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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers want to know what makes things work. Whether you're talking about automobiles, artificial hearts, industrial turbines or machinery manufacturing, mechanical engineers are involved with the design and continual refinement of them all. UC Davis offers mechanical engineering majors a nearly unparalleled variety of opportunities for hands-on projects that will satisfy your curiosity and drive to create as they help reinforce the fundamental engineering principles you've studied in lecture classes.

Real World Outcomes: 

Mechanical engineering graduates from UC Davis may move directly into careers in technical fields in a range of industries. Many are able to put their skills to work solving societal problems such as industrial pollution, the need for practical mass transit systems or the need for clean-running personal vehicles. Others enter graduate study in engineering or other related technical areas.


You will begin with a rigorous series of courses in mathematics, natural sciences and basic engineering to prepare yourself for more advanced study. At the upper-division level, you will study more advanced essential engineering topics. In your fourth year, you will choose an area of concentration and begin tailoring your major to your own interests. You may study such specialized topics as vehicle stability, mechatronics, combustion and the environment or wind-tunnel experimentation.

Effective fall 2020, the College of Engineering will no longer accept second baccalaureate transfer applicants, except within Biological Systems Engineering and Materials Science Engineering.
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Pamela Kisting
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