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Aerospace Science and Engineering

Aerospace science is the study of newer and better ways to fulfill one of humanity's oldest dreams: the dream of flight. As an aerospace science and engineering major, you will help create faster, more efficient and more economical forms of aircraft. You will work with some of the foremost scientists in the field today, and you will benefit from access to unparalleled research opportunities. Your studies will prepare you not only for work in the aerospace industry, but in any branch of engineering dealing with bodies and vehicles whose applied loads are influenced by aerodynamic forces.

Real World Outcomes: 

UC Davis aerospace science and engineering majors have found employment in nearly all major aerospace companies or in other technical careers related to their majors. Others have gone on to pursue advanced study in engineering or other technical fields.

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As an aerospace science and engineering major, you will begin your study with an extensive series of foundation courses in science and mathematics. At the upper division level, you will take advanced courses in specific topics in aerospace science and engineering. These courses will include subjects such as aero-thermodynamics, propulsion systems, aircraft performance, flight testing and component and mechanism design.

Effective fall 2020, the College of Engineering will no longer accept second baccalaureate transfer applicants, except within Biological Systems Engineering and Materials Science Engineering.
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Pamela Kisting
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