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Biological Systems Engineering

As biological sciences and biotechnology become ever more important sectors of our economy, engineers will be needed to work side by side with life scientists to bring laboratory developments into commercial production. Such industries as plant and animal production, tissue culture, biotechnology, food processing, aquaculture and forest production will all need engineers with strong backgrounds in biology.

Real World Outcomes: 

UC Davis biological systems engineering majors are well prepared for careers in industry, government and academia. Graduates work in areas as diverse as aquaculture plant design, biotechnology process development and rehabilitation of disturbed ecosystems. The premedical/biomedical engineering specialization is designed specifically for students planning to attend medical school after graduation or to work in the biomedical industries.

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You will spend your first two years in the major completing rigorous lower division requirements in mathematics, natural sciences and fundamental engineering concepts. At the upper division level, you will select courses from one of seven specializations: agricultural engineering, aquacultural engineering, biotechnical engineering, ecological systems engineering, food engineering, forest engineering or premedical/biomedical engineering.

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Sam Arcement
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