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Ecological Management and Restoration

Managers and scientists are faced with the challenge of managing and repairing ecological systems so the systems reliably supply human needs while conserving and sustaining ecological services and diversity. The challenge of managing for multiple goals in a changing environment is ubiquitous throughout the world's wildlands, urbanizing landscapes, rangelands and agricultural areas. Effective ecosystem management and restoration requires expertise in a wide variety of ecological and agricultural fields: ecology, management (e.g. range science, urban planning), horticulture, weed science, soil science, genetics, plant propagation, community development and environmental policy. The Ecological Management and Restoration major draws on all of these to provide a solid foundation to build a career in ecosystem management and restoration, and takes a leading role in this exciting new area.

Real World Outcomes: 

Undergraduate studies in ecological management and restoration are just a starting point for our students. UC Davis graduates in this major continue to become better restoration and rangeland ecologists throughout their careers. They might work with environmental firms, environmental restoration, non-governmental organizations like the Nature Conservancy, and local, state and federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and resource conservation districts.


You will gain a solid foundation in the biological and physical sciences followed by advanced courses to develop your understanding of ecological and botanical sciences. You will learn how plant propagation and physiology, soil science, genetics, and plant and wildlife ecology and evolution are related to the restoration and management of communities and ecosystems. You will gain hands-on experience through a combination of laboratory courses, field courses and internships.

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Colby Cronin
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