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Environmental Science and Management

Do you want to understand the functioning of our natural resources? Do you want to influence how air, water and land are used and protected? Students in the Environmental Science & Management (ESM) major will learn to solve environmental problems from an interdisciplinary perspective, linking the natural and social sciences. By studying the physical, biological and social components of environmental problems, students will understand the scientific basis for environmental decisions and the economic implications involved in management of the environment.

Real World Outcomes: 

Graduates are prepared to pursue careers as practicing environmental scientists, resource analysts and planners working for public agencies and private firms specializing in environmental quality, natural resources or ecological research. The major is also an excellent preparation for graduate or professional training in physical and/or biological environmental science graduate programs, as well as in environmental law, administration and environmental policy.


Courses in biology, chemistry, physics, economics and calculus form the lower-division foundation of the ESM major curriculum. The upper-division core consists of courses in physical, biological and social sciences, as well as applied courses in environmental monitoring, GIS, impact reporting and statistical analysis. In their junior year, students must choose a specialized track from the six options. A capstone course is required for all seniors and serves to integrate the science, policy, management and biology aspects of the ESM major. All students gain practical experience through field courses and a required internship. Selected students may also pursue an honors thesis during their senior year. The ESM major is hosted by both the Environmental Science and Policy department and the Land, Air and Water Resources department.

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Melissa Whaley
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