Unfold Podcast, Episode 3, Heats Up With California Wildfires

California wildfires burned millions of acres this year, destroying entire towns and killing people. As wildfires become deadlier and more difficult to control, scientists say it will only get worse. Now, wind-driven wildfires like the Santa Anas that Southern California experiences are moving farther north and striking when conditions are hotter and drier.

The third episode of this season’s Unfold podcast is “Hotter, Drier, Windier: California Wildfires Under a Changing Climate.” Launching today, it examines how fire is changing California’s landscapes and how we might manage this going forward.

Guests include:

  • Malcolm North, research forest ecologist, U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station and UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences
  • Andrew Latimer professor, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences
  • Derek Young, postdoctoral researcher, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences
  • Hugh Safford, affiliate faculty in UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy, U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region
  • Emma Underwood, research scientist at the Information Center for the Environment in the UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy

In season 2, Unfold explores the solutions to and complexities of climate change. It is available free, on demand at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon’s Tunein, Stitcher, Pandora and Spotify. It is hosted by Amy Quinton and co-hosted by Kat Kerlin. It is produced by Cody Drabble. Original music for Unfold comes from UC Davis alumnus Damien Verrett and Curtis Jerome Haynes. Follow on Twitter at @Unfoldpodcast.

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