Update Contact Information for WarnMe Test on Feb. 8

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Safety officials announced a test of WarnMe and Aggie Alert on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

The test will go out about 11:50 a.m. by email, text, voice and pager on all devices registered with the notification system — including personal email, and home and mobile phones — to UC Davis affiliates and people who subscribe via the community registration page. The test will not include UC Davis Health.

Emergency officials encourage members of the campus community to update or add contact information used for WarnMe and Aggie Alert before the test.

The notification system draws on employees’ work contact information as published in the university’s online directory and includes students’ official UC Davis email addresses. Members of the campus community are also asked to update or add personal contact information, which is not published. (Employees can update work contact information here.)

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Parents, contractors and others without ucdavis.edu email accounts can subscribe to receive WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages issued by the Davis campus or update contact information at the community registration page.

The purpose of WarnMe is to help protect lives and property by providing timely direction and information to the campus community in an emergency. Aggie Alert uses the same contact information to provide information in other urgent situations at or around UC Davis facilities (other than the UC Davis Medical Center and its outpatient clinics).

To learn more about getting information in an emergency, visit the Emergency and FAQs website and download a brochure on emergency communication.

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