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  • Sustainability Champion Awards Call for nominations of students, staff and faculty/academic staff who are environmental leaders on campus, who exemplify why UC Davis continues to lead the way in sustainability efforts. Deadline: May 1.
  • Soaring to New Heights Diversity and Principles of Community Achievement Awards — Call for nominations for individual and department/unit/team awards recognizing employees for their efforts in support of diversity and the Principles of Community, in ways that go above and beyond the awardees job descriptions. Open to all employees at all locations; nominations of faculty, senior executives, student employees or community members will be considered for special citations. Deadline: May 6. Each nomination must include specific examples of the nominee  efforts, such as:
    • Advancing awareness of affirmative action and/or diversity issues and concerns
    • Modeling behavior consistent with the Principles of Community
    • Advancing a positive work environment that is inclusive and bias free
    • Contributing substantially to achievement of affirmative action goals
    • Participating productively in affirmative action and/or diversity programs
    • Demonstrating commitment to affirmative action and diversity through public service and community involvement


  • Public Scholarship Faculty Fellows for 2022-23 Call for applications for this program of the Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement, recognizing faculty members who are working toward specific public scholarship goals such as manuscripts, book chapters or similar projects. Eligibility extends to members of the Academic Senate and full-time, nonrepresented members of the Academic Federation. Deadline: May 20.

Executive recruitments

Campus service

  • Administrative advisory committees for 2022-23 Call for applications for membership on committees addressing such topics as the arts, child and family care, diversity, student services, research, and transportation and parking services. Committee services provides an opportunity for all constituencies — Academic Senate and Academic Federation members, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students — to participate in governance of the campus. Committee members are selected based on the interest of applicants coupled with the desire to have each committee reflect multiple dimensions of diversity — for example, but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, student, staff, faculty, academic discipline, etc. — to inform administrative decision-making. Deadline: May 5.

Professional development

  • Skills for the New World of Work New series From WorkLife. Four 60-minute sessions (noon- 1 p.m.), April 5-June 7: Work-Life Skills for the New World of Work, How to Advocate for Yourself, Stress Management in the New World of Work and Navigating Change.
  • Becoming An Inclusive Leader: Six Key Skills for Thriving in a Diverse New WorldNew from Organizational Excellence. Nine meetings, April 6-Oct. 27: introduction (90 minutes); six more 90-minute sessions, each one covering a different trait (commitment, courage, cognizance, curiosity, cultural intelligence and collaboration); and two 60-minute check-in conversations.

Free subscriptions

  • The Economist The UC Davis Library has purchased a license making this publication available online, free, to everyone with a email address.
  • The New York TimesThe UC Davis Library purchased an academic license to for use by all students, faculty, staff, clinicians and emeriti of UC Davis and UC Davis Health. If you have an authenticated UC Davis login, you have complimentary access. Note: Faculty and staff may periodically be prompted to renew; if you are a student, your access should remain active at all times while you are enrolled.


  • Annual asbestos notification This notice is required by the California Health and Safety Code, notifying all employees of the presence of asbestos in campus buildings constructed prior to 1979.

Dateline details

  • Deadline — Generally 10 a.m. Thursday the week before publication.


red circle with 'warn me'
  • WarnMe test — Noon Wednesday (April 27). WarnMe messages and Aggie Alerts are distributed by email and text message and also posted to the Everbridge Mobile App and UC Davis’ official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tests are scheduled three times during each academic year.
    • Please review your contact information, and update it as necessary.
    • Employee and student contact information — Your UC Davis email addresses are included in the WarnMe system automatically; you can add mobile numbers and other email addresses.
    • Parents, vendors, contractors and others — You can sign up for text notifications only for the Davis campus and three other university locations (Bodega Marine Laboratory, Tahoe Environmental Research Center, and Continuing and Professional Education).
    • Mobile app (limited to people with UC Davis email addresses) — The app includes a number of safety features and is an important option for UC Davis affiliates with international phone numbers, as WarnMe does not send text messages to international numbers. Learn more about the Everbridge Mobile App and how to download it.
    • Overview and frequently asked questions

Blood and marrow drives

Big Shift title-index

The Big Shift is the campuswide heating system conversion project, whereby steam lines are being replaced with hot water lines. Heat exchangers in buildings will draw heat off the hot water, to heat the buildings, just like we do now with steam. The hot water system will use electricity (a renewable resource) to heat the water, instead of natural gas, a fossil fuel, that is used in the steam system. The hot water system will use less energy, because the water need not be heated to boiling (for steam), and will be safer to maintain. Current road and path closures are listed here, along with other project links:

Political activities

  • Prohibition on political campaign interventionThe University of California strongly supports public and civic engagement by members of the university community, in both their professional and personal capacities. At the same time, we must adhere to the restrictions outlined in this advisory from the Office of General Counsel.

Road and path work

Transit and parking

  • Unitrans — Winter quarter service effective Jan. 31:
    • New V Express (V-EX) and V Limited (V-LT) — 6:55 a.m. to 8:10 p.m. weekdays. V-EX serves the Silo Terminal and only one West Village bus stop, at 2080 Tilia Street/The Green. V-LT serves the Silo Terminal and all other bus stops in West Village at UC Davis. More information on the pilot program is available here.
    • 30-minute frequency weekdays on the following lines — A (operated by Yolobus), B, C, D, G, J, K, M, P, Q, V-EX, V-LT and W.
    • 60-minute frequency weekdays on the following lines E, F, L (operated by Yolobus) and Z.
    • Check the Unitrans website for the most up-to-date schedules — Click on “Routes” at the top of the screen and select your route. Then, at the top of the schedule, look for “Term” and choose “Winter Quarter (In-Person Classes Only).” Note that service may be reduced without notice due to a persistent driver shortage.
    • Questions or comments? Contact Unitrans by email or phone, 530-752-2877 or email with questions or comments.
  • Dual-campus daily parking rateNeed to drive between the Davis and Sacramento campuses during the day? Transportation Services has a parking deal for staff and students, through ParkMobile: Pay a single fee, park on both campuses the same day.
    • Staff — ParkMobile dual code 35800 entitles you to park in A and C zones on the Davis campus and B and C lots on the Sacramento campus for a single payment of $4.
    • Staff/students — ParkMobile dual code 35801 entitles you to park in C zones on the Davis campus and C lots on the Sacramento campus for a single payment of $3.50.