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  • Annual asbestos notification This notice is required by the California Health and Safety Code, notifying all employees of the presence of asbestos in campus buildings constructed prior to 1979.

Workplace Reimagined

  • ResourcesIncluding slides from May 20 webinar (and recording), FAQs and Remote-Ability Self Assessment.

Dateline details

  • Deadlines — Generally 10 a.m. Thursday the week before publication.


red circle with 'warn me'

UC Davis WarnMe and Aggie Alert messages provide timely information and instructions to faculty, staff, students and others when their well-being may be directly affected by emergencies or other urgent situations. WarnMe messages and Aggie Alerts are distributed by email and text message and also posted to UC Davis’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. Tests are scheduled three times during each academic year.

Blood and marrow drives

  • Blood drives will be posted here when scheduled.
  • June 23 results — 40 units of blood collected.
  • Read Chancellor Gary S. May’s statement welcoming blood drives on campus, while also asserting: UC Davis strongly supports the development of evidence-based policies that would allow blood donations from all who are safely able to give, and stands strongly against all forms of discrimination on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.
Big Shift title-index

The Big Shift is the campuswide heating system conversion project, whereby steam lines are being replaced with hot water lines. Heat exchangers in buildings will draw heat off the hot water, to heat the buildings, just like we do now with steam. The hot water system will use electricity (a renewable resource) to heat the water, instead of natural gas, a fossil fuel, that is used in the steam system. The hot water system will use less energy, because the water need not be heated to boiling (for steam), and will be safer to maintain. Current road and path closures are listed here, along with other project links:

Political activities

  • Prohibition on political campaign interventionThe University of California strongly supports public and civic engagement by members of the university community, in both their professional and personal capacities. At the same time, we must adhere to the restrictions outlined in this advisory from the Office of General Counsel.

Road and path work

  • Hutchison Drive improvement projectSidewalks and bike lanes east and west of Highway 113 (and on the overpass), and traffic signals and modified ramps for entering and exiting the highway north and south. No detours in Phase 1 (August-October). Detours coming in Phases 2 and 3 (November-June).
  • Orchard Road partial closure Extended: Restricted to one-way traffic, westbound, between La Rue Road and Orchard Park Drive (restricted to one-way, southbound, see next listing). One driveway off Orchard Road will remain open at all times for access to La Rue Park Apartments. Through Oct. 8 for construction.
  • Orchard Park Drive Extended: Restricted to one-way traffic, southbound, between Orchard Road and the north parking lot at the Colleges at La Rue. Orchard Greenhouses will remain open. No parking on the street. Through Oct. 8 for construction.
  • Highway 113 pedestrian and bike bridge — It has reopened, connecting UC Davis West Village and Blue Ridge Road (formerly Orchard Park Drive) on the main campus.
  • Engineering Bike Path Closure extended: On the north side of Bainer Hall, through Oct. 31 for underground utility work and path reconstruction. See map for detours.
  • Wyatt Deck-area paths Closed, with detours in place, during deck renovation project expected to last until winter quarter 2022. See map for detours.