9 Ultimate Aggie Class Experiences

Students in winemaking class extracting processed grapes from a tube, photo taken from below
Students learn to make wine at the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science using the latest technology. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis photo)

School Is In Session: stumped on what classes to take next quarter? We’ve made it easier for you to decide; for the ultimate UC Davis “Aggie” experience, we’ve got you covered: choose from tractor driving to winemaking. Boredom isn’t on our syllabus. #CaAg

1. Introduction to Brewing and Beer | FST 3

We’re home to Charlie Bamforth, the “Pope of Foam.” His introductory course will give you a crash course into beer and brewing. Did you know beer foam is a critical aspect of the quality of beer? You do now. In the words of Charlie Bamforth… Beer: “it’s a beautiful, artistic symphony.”

2. Field Equipment Operation | ABT 49

Man driving a tractor carrying vegetation

Translation: tractor driving. You read that one right. We’re not #1 in Agricultural Sciences in the country for nothing; at Ag Nation, we’ll teach you the 1, 2, 3’s and A, B, C’s of agriculture.

3. Domestic Animals and People | ANS 1

Three young goats

Goats, cows, sheep, oh my! You can learn about livestock and milk a goat all in one. Animal lovers rejoice!

4. Food Science, Folklore & Health | FST 10

Variety of eggplants, squashes, and fruits in a bin

I love food, you love food, we all love food! So why not learn about what you love? What’s on the syllabus: food intoxicants, stimulants, sugars, poisons, medicinal plants, and more. It’s a jam-packed experience.

5. Discoveries and Concepts in Nutrition | NUT 10

Professor Liz Applegate lecturing in front of a classroom of students

Professor Liz Applegate’s NUT 10 course is a box office hit; the class is filled to the brim each quarter it’s offered. Why? Applegate puts a personal spin to the course: “My emphasis is to cover basic nutrition in a way that interests students in science and brings in their own personal issues related to nutrition and health.”

6. Plants for Garden, Orchard and Landscape | PLS 5

Two students working in a greenhouse

No need to buy produce at the store; nothing screams “sustainability” quite like growing your own fruits and vegetables. We’re a lean, mean, green University (#1 greenest University in the nation), and we’re not afraid to get down and dirty in agriculture. They don’t call us Aggies for nothing!

7. Edible Mushroom Cultivation | PLP 40

Professor and students inspecting a bag of mushrooms

You can grow your mushrooms… And eat them too! PLP 40 introduces you to methods of growing edible mushrooms.

8. Introduction to Winemaking | VEN 3

Students inspecting metal barrels

No “wine-ing” allowed! We’re leading the world in grape and wine innovation, and giving you a sip of why we’re credited with restarting the California wine industry after prohibition… You’re welcome.

9. The Design of Coffee | ECM 1

Woman drinking a cup of coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee! We’re giving Starbucks a run for their money and teaching students how to roast and brew the perfect cup of Joe. (Note: you can still take the class if your choice is decaf or if you don’t drink coffee.)

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