Statement from Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

Photo: Students address #blackunderattack demonstration at north steps of Mrak Hall.
Students address #blackunderattack demonstration at the north steps of Mrak Hall. (Briana Ngo/The California Aggie)

Several hundred people turned out for the Feb. 22 #blackunderattack news conference on the north steps of Mrak Hall. Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi made remarks, at the organizers’ invitation, and later issued the following statement:

I stand with our African American students today in calling for a campuswide commitment to put an end to hatred, bigotry and other acts of aggression. UC Davis leadership will continue to engage with students to learn about actions we can take together to improve campus climate.

I want our African American students to know that we hear and share their concerns. We not only stand with them and all UC Davis students, but also commit to taking meaningful actions to ensure they feel safe, respected and heard. We look forward to continued dialogue with our students and commend them for their courage in bringing these issues to light.

We will review the students’ demands and will respond by Feb. 29. 

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