Last Chance for Eggheads at the Manetti Shrem Museum

Pop-up Shop and Lobby Exhibit 'Hatched' Closing in June

Red letters on a window display announce "Hatched" an art installation inside the lobby of the Manetti Shrem Museum. The photo showcases the exterior window and the small maquette sculptures that modeled Robert Arneson's Egghead sculptures.
"Hatched" inside the Manetti Shrem Museum's lobby closes this June (Natalie DiMeglio/UC Davis)

Spring on campus has been all about the Eggheads. 

The 30th anniversary of Robert Arneson’s iconic sculptures went off in style on April 1 with the launch of a new website, showcasing a timeline of Arneson’s career and information on where to find the officially licensed Egghead merchandise. 

Campus kicked things up a notch later that week with a day of events and activations, including Egghead-themed discounts, raffles, dining specials, live music performances and a special lighting of the Fatal Laff and Bookhead to end the historic day. 

Egghead apparel inventory may be low at the bookstore, but merchandise is still available on campus and beyond. With commencement season bringing us one step closer to summer, here’s a breakdown of where you can still get items from the inaugural drop of Eggheads merch:

A flier with a blue background and the headline Last Chance features an illustration of Robert Arneson on the left side and Egghead merchandise on the right side.

Manetti Shrem Museum

Make sure to visit Hatched: The Making of Robert Arneson’s Eggheads in the museum’s lobby. The installation closes June 16. The special lobby display showcases early clay models of the Egghead sculptures, known as maquettes, many of which have never been shown before. You can purchase Egghead merchandise at the Manetti Shrem Museum pop-up through June 30, featuring scarves, bucket hats, tote bags and more. 

UC Davis Stores

Egghead apparel is quickly selling out at UC Davis Stores, but some apparel and accessories are still available at both the Memorial Union and downtown locations.

Shop online

Can’t make it to campus? Find Egghead merch on the campus bookstore’s online store or the official Eggheads website. 

As our ongoing celebration of the Eggheads continues, make sure to sign up to the Eggheads mailing list for the latest info. 

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