Trending on Twitter: #UCDavisFutures

Online 'Envision' Game Continues Until 11 Tonight

Updated 1:30 p.m. Feb. 25: Look what’s trending on Twitter in the Sacramento region: #UCDavisFutures — at least right now, but it’s in the No. 2 spot! Way to go, “Envision UC Davis.” Let’s keep it going until 11 o’clock tonight.


The “Envision UC Davis” conversation is literally all over the map!

The game dashboard includes a graphic view of the “Top-20 Most Active Futures,” in constellation format. At the center of each future is the card that started that particular conversation. Subsequent comments radiate out from the conversation starter or from other comments — creating a universe of comments.

Altogether, the graphic provides a gallactic recap of the first day of “Envision UC Davis.” It began at 11 a.m. Wednesday (Feb. 24) and continues until 11 p.m. today (Feb. 25) — 36 hours of online brainstorming. Nearly 2,000 people logged on during the first 24 hours, and those players generated more than 17,000 futures.

The game blog offers a good recap in the form of posts on trending topics. Check out “Living Medicines Bring New Life to Davis,” “2026 UC Davis Libraries Take on New Life” and “Food Futures Solve Parking Problems.”

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