THE DOWNLOAD: Trees, Trees, Trees

Of the two million acres of redwood trees in California prior to the Gold Rush, 95 percent of those old-growth forests no longer exist, primarily due to clear-cutting. CBS News’ Sunday Morning recently featured distinguished professor David Neale and his research team, along with the Save the Redwoods League.

Neale is sequencing the genome of the Coast redwood tree to help preserve future populations.

Genome sequencing will help determine specific redwood trees that can withstand stress, such as drought, heat, and pests. That information can then be used in long-term conservation strategies, especially in light of climate change.

Read more on the Department of Plant Sciences website or read the full CBS News’ Sunday Morning report on the CBS website.

Tree tags expand into downtown Davis

A tag is tied onto a tree in downtown Davis.
Kaila Mattera and Mia Groff, UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden Learning by Leading Museum Education program interns, hang a tag on a tree downtown. (Katie Lin/UC Davis)

The educational tags hanging from trees around campus have migrated into downtown Davis for the summer. Around two dozen tags located throughout Davis display fun facts about the trees, information about tree care and the effect of trees on environmental health. Read more on the Arboretum website.

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