Davis Neighbors to Gather Oct. 15 for Annual Night Out

Photo: Block party scene (people at food table)
Students attend a block party at Davis Neighbors’ Night Out several years ago. (Karin Higgins/UC Davis)

The 17th annual Davis Neighbors’ Night Out, an event created by UC Davis, the Associated Students of UC Davis and the city of Davis, will be taking place citywide on Sunday, Oct. 15.

Davis Neighbors’ Night Out is a celebration of community that takes the city by storm once a year. Davis residents host gatherings in their homes and in public to get to know one another, and newcomers are able to create lasting connections and integrate themselves within the community. This event is held in October each year so that new and returning students can also be included in the festivities. It is similar to the National Night Out events held all across the nation in August.

UC Davis developed this program with the city of Davis years ago to bring residents together to get acquainted and to create connections,” said Mabel Salon, chief government and community relations officer with UC Davis. “The program has been successful in helping residents get to know our students and build relationships, promoting neighborhood camaraderie and, in the event there were issues, reducing misunderstandings.” 

More than 100 neighborhood events are hosted each year as part of Davis Neighbors’ Night Out, and there is no limit on the amount or type of events that can be held. Events range from picnics and potlucks to neighborhood activities like scavenger hunts and talent shows.

Mary Tallyn is one such Davis resident who has been hosting neighborhood events since 1997, and has been hosting events for Davis Neighbors’ Night Out since its inception. “Sometimes we would hold a chili cookoff in a garage, or [gather] on the court and barbecue. Some years we would have a dozen people, other years we would have 75 plus. It has been great to watch new families move into the neighborhood and see the kids grow up,” Tallyn said. “Our neighborhood connections have included so many life events… strong friendships were formed that continue well after someone moves away.” 

To attend this year’s Davis Neighbors’ Night Out, access a map of confirmed events with locations and times.

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