Charge Letter: Investigation Into Allegations Against Daniel Noble



May 20, 2022




London & Stout P.C.

SUBJECT: Investigation into allegations against Daniel Noble       

Dear Ellen:

I ask that you serve as University investigator to determine whether Daniel Noble, assistant coach for the UC Davis mens’ water polo team engaged in conduct that may have violated the University’s Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (SVSH) Policy or that may constitute  an improper governmental activity under the University’s Whistleblower Policy. 

This charge is based on the following information:

On May 19, 2022, we learned that Noble was arrested by the FBI for possession of child pornography. During the past two academic years he served as assistant coach for the UC Davis mens’ water polo team and participated in activities associated with coaching an intercollegiate athletic team.

While I have not received any complaints of misconduct about Noble from any campus or community affiliate, the University seeks to ensure that we fully review Noble’s activities over his time with UC Davis to assess whether there are potential victims in our community. As information regarding this matter is still developing, I ask that you take a phased approach to your review.

During stage 1, you should review and determine the programs and activities Noble engaged in during his tenure as an employee of the University. Please determine whether there is any information suggesting that Noble engaged in misconduct of the type prohibited by the SVSH or Whistleblower policies in connection with any of his coaching activities. 

In conducting this review, you should coordinate with law enforcement. You may access all relevant University records and may interview any employees you deem necessary to complete this review. At this time, I ask that you not contact any students. Before any students are contacted, we want to ensure they have the support of counselors and other support resources. As you and the University learn more about Noble’s activities and potential victims, we will reassess whether and when it may be appropriate to contact students. Additionally, if, during the course of your review, you learn that any University employee was aware that Noble engaged in misconduct, we will want to understand whether the conduct was appropriately reported and whether appropriate corrective action was taken.

Please provide your phase 1 review to me in a written report. I ask that you complete your report as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



Wendi Delmendo

Chief Compliance Officer

Title IX Compliance Officer

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