Chancellor Open to 'Genuine Dialogue'

Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi issued the following statement today (March 28):


Dear Campus Community,
With the start of the spring quarter upon us, I’d like to bring you up to date on some recent campus activities.
As you may know, a small group of UC Davis students and other individuals continue to occupy the reception area on the 5th floor of Mrak Hall as an act of protest.
We have regularly invited the protesters to a conversation about their concerns.  I welcome the opportunity to have a genuine dialogue with them. I will continue to seek opportunities to engage with them, as well as with our larger student body. Meaningful discussions about issues related to our campus are essential to a vibrant university and are at the heart of what makes UC Davis outstanding.
As long as the occupation proceeds nonviolently and in a safe manner, we will continue to work with the protesters. Our staff in Student Affairs is available to ensure their well-being and safety. My office and all other offices in Mrak Hall will continue to operate normally.
My commitment to the university and my support for each and every one of our students and our whole campus community remains unshakable. I will continue to work hard to help all of our students obtain the kind of world-class education for which UC Davis has become known around the globe.
While I regret any inconvenience to our campus community, I also respect the protesters' right to express themselves. I greatly appreciate your understanding and support for our university.  

Linda P.B. Katehi

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