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Forensic Entomology

Students interested in forensic science and/or legal careers will benefit from this minor. The taxonomy, development, behavior and distribution of arthropods can provide insight and evidence relevant to criminal activity and other matters of litigation. Students will learn basic ecological concepts plus several areas of insect biology and taxonomy. This knowledge will be combined with detailed, ‘hands-on’ lab and field activities in forensic entomology that cover collection and use of insects as evidence in legal cases and forensic entomology research.


20 units

Complete the following five courses (16 units)

  • ENT 100 General Entomology (4 units)
  • ENT 100L General Entomology Laboratory (2 units)
  • ENT 102 Insect Physiology (4 units)
  • ENT 104 Behavioral Ecology of Insects (3 units)
  • ENT 158 Forensic Entomology (3 units)

Choose one course (4 units)

  • ENT 105 Insect Ecology (4 units)
  • EVE 101 Introduction to Ecology (4 units)
  • ESP 100 General Ecology (4 units)

Total = 20 units


Minor Advisors

S. Lawler
(530) 754-8341

S. Nadler
(530) 752-2121