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Insects are the most diverse group of animals on earth, filling niches in ecosystems from the tropics to the Arctic. Their variety and sheer numbers make them significant factors in human economy and society, whether they are helpful or harmful. Entomologists study insects in the context of their biological systems and their importance to humanity. They research effective, environmentally sound methods of controlling domestic and agricultural pests; they study ways to increase the productivity of economically useful insects such as honeybees; and they conduct studies to monitor the health of insect populations throughout the world.

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Ranked the top entomological program in the country by The Chronicle of Higher Education, UC Davis provides undergraduates with access to respected instructors, researchers and facilities. UC Davis entomology graduates often go on to advanced study in the field. Other graduates have entered careers in agricultural production, education and university research or work with federal or state agencies.


After completing a series of foundation courses in natural sciences and mathematics, you will enroll in basic courses in insect biology, including hands-on work in collection and identification. You may tailor your major to your interests by choosing courses in areas such as arthropod pest management, apiculture (bee biology and productivity), economic entomology or insect ecology. Electives such as forensic entomology (the use of arthropod biological evidence in civil and criminal law) and internships in government and business organizations round out your study.

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Dr. Sharon Lawler
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