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Whether their major is in Viticulture & Enology or Biochemistry & Molecular Biology – to name just two current examples – many students find that pursuing a minor in English allows them to develop their abilities to read and to write critically while enjoying all the pleasures that great literature has to offer. To complete the minor, students complete five upper-division courses, at least four of which focus on literature, film, or other media. Choices within the curriculum are unlimited by historical period, and can include a course in creative writing.

The English Department’s mission is to encourage students to think, to read critically and analytically, and to express their thoughts in clear, forceful, and graceful prose.

Students minoring in English learn to analyze what they read; they learn to read critically, to think about both what is said and how it is said, and to employ various methods of criticism, including the latest theoretical approaches. They also learn to articulate, in oral reports, in-class, and written papers what they have discovered. Through much writing practice and excellent instruction, they improve their writing ability, a lifetime skill worth having.

This minor joined with any major on campus will give students useful preparation for any position requiring orderly and clear thinking and expression. For example, many Davis graduates have found the minor a nice complement for majors preparing students for pre-professional training in law, medicine, library work, and teaching.


20 units

Choose five courses (20 units) 

  • Upper division ENL courses numbered 107 to 186
  • At least four classes must focus on literature

Total = 20 units


Minor Advisor

L. Jones
(530) 752-7646


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