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The study of English is the study of some of the world's finest works of literature in their historical, artistic and cultural contexts. The Department of English offers a wide range of courses in British, American and Anglophone Literature, in the structure and history of the English language and in expository and creative writing. As an English major, you will develop superior communication skills and an excellent background in critical thinking. You will also learn to conduct research, analyze information and deliver effective arguments in writing.

Real World Outcomes: 

Students who major in English have unlimited career options. Many students prepare for a career in teaching. The major also provides excellent preparation for professions that draw upon skills in verbal analysis, critical thinking and communication such as journalism, publishing, advertising, technical writing, library science, business and government. Others pursue graduate or professional degrees. Recent UC Davis graduates are attending law school, medical school or graduate school in English or related fields.

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As an English major, you will spend time learning about different forms of literature before shifting to a focus on historical periods and contexts. The flexibility of the major accommodates individual interests, and you may focus on critical histories and methods, major authors, ethnic and multicultural literatures or the relation of literature to complementary disciplines such as environmental studies or film criticism. You may also choose a course of study emphasizing teaching, creative writing or general literature.

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