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Electrical Engineering

There has been an increasing need for professionals in most engineering disciplines to understand the fundamentals of electronic circuits, electronic signals, semiconductor devices, applied electromagnetics, control systems, computer systems and communication systems.

The objective of this minor program is to prepare students with the necessary theoretical and practical training in one or many of the above mentioned fields. The minor program curriculum is designed to allow flexibility while ensuring a solid foundation of fundamental electrical engineering concepts. The program is expected to accommodate students of diverse backgrounds.

The minor must be outside the department or program of your major and no more than one course may be counted toward both your minor and your major. The courses you take to satisfy the requirements of a minor, including those completed elsewhere, must be approved by an advisor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. You must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.000 and satisfy the minor course requirements, listed below. To receive notation of this minor on your diploma, you must obtain a minor petition and file it no later than the deadline for filing for graduation.



21 units

Choose at least one of the following pairs (8-10 units)​

  • Analog Circuits:
    • EEC 110A Electronic Circuits I (4 units)
    • EEC 110B Electronic Circuits II (4 units)
  • Electromagnetics:
    • EEC 130A Electromagnetics I (4 units)
    • EEC 130B Introductory Electromagnetics II (4 units)
  • Physical Electronics:
    • EEC 140A Principles of Device Physics I (4 units)
    • EEC 140B Principles of Device Physics II (4 units)
  • Signals and Systems:
    • EEC 150A Introduction to Signals and Systems I (4 units)
    • EEC 150B Introduction to Signals and Systems II (4 units)
  • Communication:
    • EEC 150A Introduction to Signals and Systems I (4 units)
    • EEC 160 Signal Analysis and Communications (4 units)
  • Control Systems:
    • EEC 150A Introduction to Signals and Systems I (4 units)
    • EEC 157A Control Systems (4 units)
  • Digital Systems:
    • EEC 018 Digital Systems I (5 units)
    • EEC 180 Digital Systems II (5 units)

Choose at least 8 additional units of EEC courses numbered 101 or above; except 190, 192, 196, 197, 198, 199, 298, 299, 390, 396. If you elect to do a design project, you must be registered for both quarters. 

Total = 21 units