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Computer Science

As the trend toward globalization connects people in every part of the world economically, culturally and politically, digital networks and systems are increasingly responsible for processing and delivering the massive amounts of information that keep communication flowing. Computer scientists design, maintain and improve upon these vital information systems. As a computer science minor, you will focus on designing systems for application in science, industry and management. The emphasis in this program is on software, although you will master essential concepts of hardware as well.


19-23 units

Choose any three upper-division CSE courses (11-13 units)​ 

  • A single approved course of 3-5 units from ECS 192 or 199 is allowed .

Choose any two upper division courses (8-10 units)

  • Including any upper division CSE courses or any upper division course in MAT (excluding MAT 111), EEC 100, 171, 172, 180A, 180B; ECN 122; STA 131A, 131B, 141B, 141C; PSC 120 or LIN 127, 177. 

Total = 19-23 units


Minor Advisor
(530) 752-7004