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Viticulture and Enology

Since ancient times, the enjoyment of wine and grape products has been a treasured part of civilized society. The Roman Empire considered wine as much of a necessity as bread and olive oil, and no supper in modern France or Italy is complete without a glass of wine. As a viticulture and enology major at UC Davis, you'll benefit not only from our outstanding faculty and laboratory resources, a world-class wine library, but also from our location. The Napa and Sonoma Valley regions, the nerve centers of California's thriving, innovative wine industry, are easily accessible from campus. You may complete internships with some of the area's world-class wineries and research grape cultivation and winemaking at the renowned Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science located right here on campus.

Real World Outcomes: 

Viticulture and enology graduates frequently take advantage of their research and internship positions to find work in vineyards and wineries. They may enter careers such as production management, quality control and research. Many go on to graduate-level study in related fields such as food science, horticulture or agricultural and environmental chemistry.



The viticulture and enology major stresses the scientific aspects of the discipline, and requires you to complete a thorough grounding in the natural sciences before you proceed to more advanced courses. At the upper division, you will take courses in at least three of five main areas: plant science, food science and microbiology, economics and business, foreign language and internships. This well-rounded program provides you with a balance of skills needed for understanding and advancement in your career.