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Human Development

Throughout the human life cycle, a person's environment can affect whether his or her natural development proceeds in a normal manner or is delayed or damaged in some way. Human development majors study both the biological factors such as growth, physical maturation and aging, and social factors such as parenting, education and personal choices, that affect the developmental process. UC Davis' faculty and facilities in human development give you the chance to observe growth and interaction first-hand and to participate in some of the most exciting research being done in the field today.

Real World Outcomes: 

Human development graduates find employment as educators in early childhood and more advanced settings, as social workers and counselors, and in governmental or private agency settings relating to social welfare and recreation. Graduates are also prepared to pursue advanced degrees in behavioral and social sciences, education, social work, family law or health sciences.

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You'll begin your studies with a thorough grounding in the biological sciences, social sciences, nutrition and fundamental training in human development observation techniques. At the upper division level, you'll study normal and unusual patterns of development in children and adults. At least one hands-on practicum course is required, and many students choose to supplement this course with an additional internship.

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Galyna Erdman
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