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Human Development

Graduate Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy

This program emphasizes an interdisciplinary understanding of various aspects of human behavioral development and the contexts in which they take place across the lifespan. The program has a tripartite emphasis: to incorporate study of the biological, cognitive, and social-emotional developmental domains; to organize the study of human development across the lifespan from conception to death; and to emphasize the context within which human development takes place. Upon completion of the foundation provided by core coursework, students can choose an area of specialization from one of five focuses: biological; cognitive; socio-emotional; family, culture, and society; or research methodology. Within their focal area students may also choose to emphasize a life-cycle phase, e.g., infancy and early childhood; middle childhood and adolescence; or adulthood and aging. Affiliated faculty members are from anthropology, education, human and community development, nutrition, pediatrics, and psychology. They are also members of a number of research centers on campus including the MIND Institute, the Center for Mind and Brain, and the Center for Child and Family Studies.

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